Why not wireless???

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After wiring our staging train detection, http://www.modelrailroadforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2518, I have to wonder, when will we see wireless technology applied to our hobby? It would seem to be relatively simple since the technology is readily available. I can envision a wireless system that talks to Loconet and runs signals, detection, and even a PC feed. Think about it, sophisticated signalling, detection, and CTC train control all without the maze of hard wired headaches! Isn't it about time for wireless???
Cost. Wire is cheaper than sending/receiving units. The reason they are not produced is people think in terms of trading their time for money, not their money for time. There is no market for products that make it easier for people who don't like to wire.
There's lots of wireless in use already: wireless DCC throttles, wireless radio headsets, etc. A number of layouts I've seen use the X10 wireless system to control layout lights, etc. And of course, many additional elements of the layout can be controlled with stationary decoders triggered from the wireless DCC throttle.

The key to most of these applications is that they are mobile, so being unwired is a real value. Wireless is not free, so the cost and complexity will always be applied where there is the most benefit.

Avoiding a one-time wiring job with an array of wireless sensors would not be worth the cost and complexity for most of us.


We have wireless DCC, though the layout has to have a wired buss from the command station. Many folks have switched their tethered DCC controllers to wireless, but I haven't yet (cost is an issue). For the larger layouts, there has been some issue with radio reception. This is because the transmitters are using a FCC band, and there are power output limits. NCE is bad in this regard, since it's two-way communications with the command station. FCC regs limit the power output even further. Digitrax is one=way communication, so there's more transmitting power.

NCE has developed a repeater which hopefully will resolve the communication issues.

G scale is useing R.C. allready,Its is only manter of time,I for one would love to see it!!this is my HO