Why Locked?


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Interesting that the "Best and Worse Forum" thread was locked - why? :confused:

The thread originator said that a discussion of which forums were best and worst, and why, wasn't what he had in mind. Since that was exactly what the originator's post was, I'm curious as to exactly what he DID have in mind? :confused: :confused:

Perhaps I upset the self-congratulatory love-in that apparently the thread was supposed to be by saying a forum other than this one was my favorite, and explaining why (just as some others were saying why this was their favorite forum, and why others were not). :rolleyes:

I took pains to be as non-inflammatory as possible in what I wrote. I re-wrote my post several times to ensure that it was not antagonistic. Answers that came back were also not inflammatory, but suddenly some of those who responded to me asked that the thread be locked after I replied back with a very non-confrontational "we all see things differently" post (and then it was locked).

Are people really that afraid of discussions about this forum itself? We can bash others to our hearts content, but raise a softly-worded point about OUR forum and we'll just lock it? Are folks that intolerant of someone who answers a thread with their honest thoughts, when asked what they think? Are some of the folks here that elitist? (I hope not!) :(

I was looking forward to a discussion of the points I raised. Then again, what happened seems exactly on target with the points I was making, I think.

Will this post be deleted because of those same fears or intolerance? Will I be banned for having the gall to, in essence, honestly answer a thread that had gone on for three pages before I ever posted, and then asking if my honest answer got it locked? Will anyone ever even get to see this post? :eek:

Stay tuned!
Mark, The post in question was locked because the author requested it and, while everyone was cordial, it was basically going nowhere. Honestly, I wish we could have handled this off line instead of another potentially inflamatory thread.

No one is mad, upset or anything else. It just seemed like a reasonable forum management decision to lock the thread and move on. Many forums have a policy of delete and forget...

Can we just talk some trains?:)
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I asked for the post to be lock (or deleted)

I wanted people to share their best and worse RR Forum in accordance with their own taste and opinion.

I did not ask, nor wanted a debate about WHY your rr forum is better then MINE etc..

It was supposed to be fun.

End of story.