Where is the best place to look for information



Hi I'm new to model railroading. I've spent the better part of the last 4 years collecting bits 'n' pieces to build a model railroad. Not knowing a real lot about railroading I chose to build an existing design in the space saving N scale (#17 from atlas). I've only just started laying the track over the last month (when time permits) and am about to wire up the duel cab control system.

I've joined this forum to help me with finding information. My lay out won't be prototypical, practally any road name will run on it at least what takes my fancy of what is avaliable at my local hobby stores, the pickings are pretty slim in Australia. However I do want to be era specific and would like to model the early 1950's. So where would I find information on what loco's, rolling stock and road names were operating in that era.

Cheers Kevin
Welcome, Kevin!!! I'm building at the opposite end of the scale spectrum - G scale outdoors. My layout will be entirely imaginary --- no nitpicking allowed. I don't have an answer to your question, but be patient --- I'm sure someone will be along shortly with information for you.
to the Model Railroadforums Kevin. There are other members here from Australia who perhaps can tell you what's available in your area. I buy everything by mailorder now days. The last hobbyshop in my area closed two years ago, and that may not be a bad thing because I bought a lot of stuff I don't need and will have to sell on eBay. I would doubt there are many layouts that are truly prototypical, and most are the builders interpetation of a road in the past or present. In my own the loco's will be close to the prototype loco's of the past, operation and time frame and scenery will be my own interpetation. So if you want to run different roadnames, go for it and enjoy, it's your railroad. Nowdays in my area it would be a rare site to see a loco with the CB&CNS lettering, but there are many loco's from other roads and leasing agencys. A lot of shortline RR's are now operating this way today, so in a way you too will be operating in a prototypical shortline manner :) . If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask for help, there are enough knowlegeable members here to help you. Somthing to think about is " There are no Dumb questions, only answers"
Kevin, please hop on over to the prototype forums --- the "RailroadForums.com" link at the top of the page --- and post your question about roads in the 50s in the Freight Railroads section. I'll bet the historians among us will have some good information for you.