What Track Planning Software Do You Use?

I voted "Other" in the poll because I looked at 3rd PlanIt, but I didn't buy it. (I think that was the one I downloaded for a free trial.) It turned out to be a bit overkill for my limited space and requirements, so I wound up just laying my track on the ground and playing with its location after receiving an excellent layout design from one of Our Very Own here at RRF. It's a simple dog-bone with a spur at each end.
I also voted other, but I just used something called doodling by the squares an article in a long past Model Railroader mag. for the basic size, then it was by the seat of the pants ( so to say) for the finals, kind of put it where it'll fit. I can assure you this is not the best way to go, as my dream layout became a nightmare. However the changes I've made to the nightmare gave me a layout close to what I wanted. It's a long way from finished but all the track is layed and acceptable. Excuse the mess but mess=work being done, although not directly proportionaly :D
I've played a little with the Atlas Right Track software. It's alright, but seems to have a memory leak or something as it slows my PC down a lot.

Atlas Site
I use RRtrack V.4 for Lionel tubular. It is a nice concept, but due to the flexiblility nature of tubular, and even with "flex correction" maxed, I can't get any loops to close. It's not like I forced anything on the layout, and the joints line up nicely, but apparently not good enough for the software. :(

Rich F.