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What One DO You Use For Track Planning?

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I use Atlas right track. I tried the others and just couldn't get over the learning curve that some need. RTS is simple and easy for me to use.
I'm looking for details on the Gorre and Daphetid "final layout - that being the 3rd one that was destroyed by fire". I'd appreciate any help/direction on where I should be "looking" for others who may wish to discuss this layout on "modelrailroadforums".

Thank you
What Track Planning Software Do You Use?
I use Atlas Right Track. Not because it is good but because I made it through the learning curve. I have 3rdPlanit but have not managed the learning curve. I tried to use it for the MR layout design contest a couple years ago and gave up, went back to Atlas.
I use my Brain. Never draw a picture of anything before I start & hope it turns out the way I pictured it inside my head & if it doesn't I redo it until it works. Did Metal sculptures that way for many years & customers never complained.:D:)
AnyRail. Easy to learn. Easy to use. Has a large track library (EZ Track, Unitrack, Fast Track, Atlas, Peco, etc.). I can test fit layout changes in a flash without disturbing my actual layout. Can handle districts, layers, elevation changes, flex track and other features I have yet to figure out. Many of the keystrokes are similar to any other Windows-based platform, i.e., double-clicking to select an object, shift click to select several connected objects, alt click to select several non-connected objects, copy, cut, paste, etc. Has worked great for me. Jason in Colorado.
Pre-planning forms the layout design.

Once the "purpose" of your railroad is established, one rarely needs outside help in designing your track plan. It kind of automatically falls in place. Plenty of sketches long before your first piece of track goes down. I've built two large layouts in the past...500' +. My present "retirement" layout is a small, compact, point-to-point design that still keeps me very busy.
Torrington, CT
Abracadata's now old 3d Model Railroad Concept and Design. Not sure if its on the market any more or not. I started with their 'Design Your Own Railroad,' because I had a Mac in the late 90's. Switched to a PC in part so I could use more common & less expensive software. Learning curve was much easier than 3rd PlanIt. Had a lot of templates/blocks which made things easy. PlanIt had infinite possibilities, if you have infinite time. I have a CAD background, so I have an advantage over some.
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If oracle software made a track planning program I would use it. That company is awesome.

I'll use KENCAD......no offense. Larry but KENCAD has a nice ring to it.....and as you know, good PR means good sales.

I ran a CMM for about 15 years and have *worked* with enough computers...... switching to "The latest & greatest" system/language every 3-5 years..... to last me a life time. Play is another story.