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..... hell on earth is the monster?

I was surfing around for some pictures and came across this photo. What kind of monstrous thing is this. I mean I saw the BIG BOY, huge US trains, but this seems much bigger ( in height )



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That is actually a very famous steam locomotive, and one of my favorites, the Southern Pacific Daylight, #4449



It's the Southern Pacific's 4-8-4 used to pull a train called the daylight. The way they took that picture makes it look very high. Take a look at this picture of the same loc



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BOB! Post your info on the 4449!

#4449 is still steaming, its a 4-8-4 daylight, semi streamliner, and its about the same height wise as a Big Boy. The Big Boy obviously wins out on the size, at a 4-8-8-4. However, power wise, the DM&IR 2-8-8-2's had more tractive effort then the Big Boy.

P.S. is it just me or does that boy to the far right have one massive wedgie?


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I was at the Forney transportation musuem on saturday, and I was standing next to the Big Boy and that durned bugger is massive!! They also had an interesting story about a wreck that it was onvolved in. There was a train ahead of them that was herding some sheep out of the way. One of the crew from the train threw the switch and couldn't close it again in time. The big boy hit the switch going 50 mph. It tipped on the left side and two on the three crew members were killed instantly. the third crew member died in the hospital a couple days later.

Oh and on a 'nother note there are about 30 valves that they could turn!!:eek:


Hehe, while I was looking at some locos to buy I managed to find the above too for sale

and there was also this beast :)

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They are massive beasts and that is why I love my steam!!!! Josh I think that is beyond weggie looks like crack bite to me. hehe


Here's the '49 on a recent visit to Tacoma.

As for famous UP engines, that wold be UP 844. She was also on the train, so here you have both of them in one photo. I have to say that the site of two 4-8-4's was rather impressive.


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You know, I just noticed that that shot is the same on you used for the steam preservation image above!


You know, I just noticed that that shot is the same on you used for the steam preservation image above!

You're close... That one was a few frames earlier.

My collection of "double headed 4-8-4" shots is limited, and ones I've taken from trackside rather than on board the train is even more limited.


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LOL! Went from "name this engine" to "name that wedgie type". :)
That's a 20lb splitting maul kind of wedge :D It's so far up the poor kid could probably read the Fruit of the Loom label. :eek: "Mom... do you have to put my name on all my underware?":p

OK, I think used up all the Smilies now. I'll go.

1 more ;)

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