What I've Learned From My First Layout!


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I've just about finished my first N scale layout. It's just a simple circle of 9 3/4" atlas 80 on a 2'x2' base.

1) Never paint the inside of the rails when weathering, it's ok to paint the outside of the rail and the planks, but not the inside.

2) Never lay track after you've built up a mountain, no matter how much access it appears to have inside the tunnel, it's still not a good idea.

3) A mix of rubbing alcohol and elmers glue is much better than woodland scenics scenery cement. It dries faster, is cheaper, and doesn't disturb turf or ballast as much, because of the reduced surface tension provided by the alcohol.

4) When soldering feeders to rails, make sure you use atleast a 40 watt soldering iron, colder irons will actually allow the heat to spread out and melt the plastic ties.

5) Don't skimp on cheap locomotives, or you will be very dissapointed...
Very good suggestions on all points. We all learn by trial and error but advice from experienced modlers is greatly appreciated by most beginners.