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So I have been at the stage around here of a full house. There is no more room to add much to my pike at the present time. Well, yes and no. One thing I wanted to do for the past few years was to add a more modern fire station to the pike. So I bought one, then the Walther's big unit, but that was way out of size for my pike. ALL things considered I just went back to the first one and reworked that.

Originally made by Woodland Scenics, and sold by Menards, this unit looked good on the net, but once I gt it here it was not that hot. The biggest problem is the actual size of the building. It is 10 inches long, by 3 inches wide. Only about 4 inches in the middle is really usable and the 2 x 3 little piece at the end is "storage" at best. Then there is the factor of the people on the thing. The fire service does not stand around wearing turn out gear. ALL the firemen on the model are in turnout gear. The next problem was that stupid "fire truck" which was screwed down to the driveway. Not even a MOOG looks that bad. I guess it is China's idea of what our fire apparatus is supposed to be like. IN the end, junk the truck, remove the people and "dogs" and repaint the drive after sanding.

The left side is the dormitory as it was and it houses the motor to turn that thing on top of that area.

Now move in gear and we have a somewhat usable looking unit. The Squirt and the attack engine do not fit in, but this is a model railroad so they don't have to be "inside" as it was. In the far corner I have the old rescue unit and the old chief's car. Out front is now the ambo and the new chief's truck and the heavy rescue unit, which all would be inside if this was right. AND no, unless you turned the fire units they will not fit inside, nor the heavy rescue unit will not fit inside either. There are wires all over that right side and I was lucky to stuff anything over in that area.

A bright unit to stuck in a dark corner of the pike. Looks okay I guess. For now it will do.

Just this was a work around and a redo, rather than try to build something else again and not have it fit.

It looks good, modern and efficient and for the newer, as it was industrial park, it will do.

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Wow what a difference, looks great!
That wall of gear is cool and I like the safety slogan, really adds to the feel.


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Beautiful job! I guess the dog and the firefighters are inside the quarter having breakfast. Sign reminds me: I need to order some 9v batteries for my actual smoke and CO detectors! :) Stay well!


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I'd noticed that with the Menards models. Nice job with the kit bashing!

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