What are good dimentions for a starting N-gage layout



I have limited space and wont to make a double loop
Jadebullet said:
I have limited space and wont to make a double loop
If you agree that 11" is minimum radius, and you want to have enough space outside the track to have sufficient scenery and structures, then the minimum width of the layout should be as close to three feet as you can make it, if not bigger.

In order to have enough room to accomplish anything more complicated than doing laps, you'll need to have a layout longer than 6 feet. Again, more is better.

I guess my recommendations are similar enough to the standard 'door' layout to explain why it's such a popular choice for N scale.
If you have a teenager, take the door off their bedroom and build your layout on it. Light, straight, sturdy and free benchwork.
I agree with Keith.
A door layout is a good way to start. 30-32" x 80" approxx. 36" would be even better except that it becomes a bit of a reach unless you have all side access. My layout table is currently 32" x 97". It started on 26" x 48" plywood, then 32" x 80" when the neighbors remodelled and I got some free doors, then I stretched it to fit available space with part of another door. It would've been easy to widen it a few more inches, but right now it will still fit out the front or back door without having to tip it. Now it is too long to move through the hall into the back bedroom as I had originally planned though.

I do have some tight curves, but plan to run short slow trains made up of short equipment.