WEEKEND's HERE, Photo Fun 10/20/06 - 10/22/06

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Steve B

It's that time again everyone, dig out some great pictures for everyone.

Here's my little offering
It's a Walthers bethgon with a home made coal load, i made the load from 1" blue foam board cut and shaped to fit nice and snug inside, them on a nice hot day i went outside with 12 of the moldings, painted them with 100% PVA glue and scattered fine black coal over them, after about 10 min's baking in the sun i sprayed them with water / alcohol mix and added more coal and a finalcoat of 50/50 PVA and water mix to hold everything in place




Running the MC & Buffalo
Looks good steve I just happen to have some fine coal but will have to do it in the oven . Not warm enough outside Lol

Steve B

I took the boys to a railway show today at Blackburn, and to my surprise there were no American layouts, normally there are a few but not this time, there were some very nice British and european layouts in almost every scale from "O" down to "Z". While we were there we met the pop music tycoon Pete Waterman who is an avid train fan, he builds brass loco's and also has around 15 steam loco's and 20 diesel loco's he even used to own the flying Scotsman
This was a very nice alpine layout in HO scale


and a very nice 1950-60's layout featuring the coal industry in Britain in "OO"
you can see an electric traction type loco in the loading dock




this was a nice dock side railway scene with a clipper ship tied up alongside

and another very nice layout was this 1990's british scene with DCC control and all the loco's had full DCC sound effects

Steve B

the last few from me today,
this was an interesting layout / diorama. it was about 8ft long with the staging tracks at the far end. The operator sat along side (right) and his assistant worked the staging, the impression of depth was amazing

This was a nice "OO" layout set in southern england around the 1950's, it's almost brand new and is operated by the Leyland model railway club

And this was a "Z" scale layout, very small but looking very big, Matt was very impressed with the Z scale sheep and ducks

grove den

naturally natural trees
pictures railwayshow

Steve, these are very very very nice pictures and layouts!! thanks
esspecialy the brand-new OO scale layout looks very nice ,to me.

grove den


Running the MC & Buffalo
Weekend photo fun

Everything looks good Steve real nice layouts & Brakie some fine looking rolling stock. I'm doing a little expansion on my 4x8 Layout it will add about 15 inches of space enough to add some industry or perhaps a staging area . here's some pics of the start :D


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Just got home from the Lakeshores Division NMRA Fall Meet. Got some stuff to share. Photos are of Brian Curry's (Master Model Railroader) n scale layout. Brain does incredible work and it was a pleasure to be able to talk with him and see this stunning layout. Remember, this is n scale and n scale narrow guage.... A lot of scratchbuilding on this layout BTW.








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S.L.O.&W. Trainman
A Couple more photos of Brians n scale layout:



All the stone walls are scratch built by Brian. That was his clinic this morning. OMG!
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I've spend as much time taking pictures of our modules set up in a barn last week than actually running trains. Most trains were run into the desired photo spot and left there to photograph.
As much as I do like building and running trains, I like to photograph them and see what I can do to enhance the picture in photoshop.

The first picture was taken on my Soledad Yard module, just finished ballasting the mainline in time for the weekend. All my modules have these blue background panels and lighting, makes for easy background substitution, but work also well as is.

The second picture is a view of Kelowna, BC and Okanagan Lake.

The third one is a combination of the two, using mainly the sky and the distant mountains.

Enjoy the weekend,



Diesel Detail Freak
Here we go, some shots...

Here's the shot of an HO scale figure next to some of the parts from that building I mentioned in the coffee shop. The overview shots I took didn't turn out, but I'll try again later today.
View attachment 4519

Collection of HO scale cars & trucks. The motorcycles are a tad to bog, and are old Micro-Machines offerings...
View attachment 4520

"Uh, sir, I clocked you doing 190 on that backstrech..."
The CHP car is a hard to find (at least out here) ER Models car, next to a Wal*mart Nascar offering.
View attachment 4521


Great picture all thanks for sharing.:D
Here is 2 of my favorite 40 foot boxcars...I just had to add these cars pictures..:D



Hello,me from THAILAND
Thanks guys, for all those precious pics.
I myself did not give up, but involving in the resin building composition.
The building was formed up gradually.
I would try in detailing for next steps............

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