Weekend Photo Fun

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Hello, fellows in model trains. I guess I'll start us off this weekend. I look forward to your photos.

This is one of PRR T1 5528 emerging from the west portal at Seneca Falls.



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I guess I'll show off my newest locomotive, BNSF #6821. She just arrived after a long trip from Canada. Apparently Customs thought it was a bomb!
The Week at RJR

Well I thought I would have no time this week but mananged to get a couple of hours in :D

Down at the depot end Ive added some people in...



Down at the other end I have started work on the brick warehouse structure..

Here my new 08 class shunts past it...


and here it has a few more details added by the time the 37 class leaves the depot..


Im going to be working on the window frames next, which is not going to be my favourite job as there are 28 of them, although it has been suggested I brick the bottom row up :rolleyes:



Thought I'd join in the fun this week with my newest HO toys.I can't take the credit for these beauties but my Mastercard can.

CSX RDMT 2248 and her mothership CSX GP40-2 6388 haulin the freight on GVR trackage.


Steve B

Nice work everyone
Crandell great scene that
Smoke Is that Grandeman i hear,,, nice work
John Looking better every week
CattNice scene, thats a good looking road

practicing weathering on a truck, an International paystar 5000

and this mornings steamer, 8F 48151 in cumbria on a very dark windy morning

and glad to be back on our train home, very colour co-ordinated
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I was almost tempted to go out and run some trains in the garden this afternoon but ended up sorting the garage instead. With all the rain I have just been dropping stuff in when I came home from a job and it was getting to the point I couldnt find anything. By the time I had finnished it was overcast so I came in a took a video of the indoor layout instead




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Hello photofans

Crandell I thought I was looking at Gallitzin Tunnel there for a second - nice work!

Smoke that DRGW Dash-9 is a beauty, bet it looks right at home on your Colorado club layout.

JohnT - that depot seems to be movin right along, the figures are very real-looking. My situation is the exact opposite from yours - when it rains, I do trains!

Steve - great weathering job on that PayStar! The 1:1 preiser figure in the bottom frame looks pretty good too;)

Catt - is that RDMT a kitbash, or a brass model? Either way, I like it alot!

Anyhoo, I just got back from a family vacation (no mrr though) but, before I left, I scrapped my grungy old Athearn BB road slug (the one shown in my avatar) and kitbashed a Kato GP35 shell. I also renumbered the GP40-2 that's mated to it, to match the prototype.
Here's the model:

...and here's a proto-photo:
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josh, nice engine,...but please explain the need for shipping from Canada...?

Really nice, and I am sure worth the hassle.:D

Steve, what's that angel doing in standard? No one took her to the right coach?:)

Thanks for your kind comments, gentlemen, especially the one about Gallitsin. I believe I have shown an image here of my take on part of Horseshoe Curve, but had no idea my "Seneca Falls" bore any resemblance. This mostly freelanced layout seems to get luckier and luckier.

I like the engine house, John. Lots of careful work evident in the photos.

Catt, I like your photo, too. The ballasting job is very good and your rails look well weathered. I don't know anything about the locomotives (I'm a steam guy), sorry, but the closest looks like something I have not seen. I hope they are meeting your highest expectations.

Steve B

Ken nice work, looks just like a real one

put some sides on the loader to stop slippage going onto the adjacent track, just got to trim the ends and it's done, i also cut a hole in the base and built a styrene chute below the track, cut out the rail ties and painted it up, there is a large bin underneath to catch any that goes down the hole, i can also use it with my bottom unloaders, just got to build the mechanism to trip the bottom door's.


below i left the door open to try and bury the car but no luck, almost everything went down the pit
fuel unloading and filling point

Ballast hopper is looking good, do you have any problems with loose ballast derailing the cars ??

Ive had the fuel unloading kit and loading area for a couple of weeks and decided it was more tempting than starting the 28 warehouse windows...



they still need some more painting and the flexible hoses adding yet.



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Great photos all!
Steve, it looks like you have spillage managed but here is the way I prevented spillage. Note the relationship between the bottom of the chute and the top of the car. When the car gets filled it can't fill anymore or go over the side but still leaves a nice shaped load.


The power is a 12ton Mack, not the usual MAC of a different kind. It is powered with a truck from an older Bachmann 44 tonner. There is still room for a decoder but I haven't added one yet.
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Paul, that little Mack fits right in with your last name! Neat unit, is it a kit by Jordan?


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Josh, It is the Jordan kit. I built it in a day once when my wife was out of town. It is the same last name but unfortunately no relation. Anyway, I like those little critters. I think there were only a handful built, this model was from about 1930.


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Here are a few pics of the NYCS pulling the Tropicana juice train into the yard...






Bringing up the rear of the mighty train was my new Atlas Trainman NYC caboose:


Yes, I know how outlandish this next photo is:



The NYCS' pro-drug policy among its employees causes them to do some crazy things. For instance, instead of taking advantage of their "early quit", the crewmembers decided to line up some locomotives for a photo op. Can't say the company's executives are upset about the results:



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