Weekend Photo Fun


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Last weekend RCH made a post about his modeling efforts for the week. I believe this is a very good idea. It will give everyone a chance to show the projects they are working on. The modeling efforts may be completed or unfinished work, so post a photo of what you are working on and tell us a bit about it.

To start it off, I'm presenting my kitbashed model of the CB&CNS GP18 #4700. It's a reasonably accurate model of the prototype. I couldn't obtain the louvers to make the doors more accurate, so rather than wait forever I decided to have a less accurate model. I started with an Athearn GP7, removed the dynamic brake pods, winterization hatches, fans and a lot of other regalia. Using more accurate details for the model I completed it with the exception of the air hose and plastic glass for the windows, to be completed this week.

Cheers Willis