WEEKEND Photo fun December 2nd - 3rd 06

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Steve B

this is the state of my garage,,, i like to call it work in progress
this week i have put the lower level in which will be the home of the childrens railway, i have to build a lift up section to link the middle peninsular with the track on the left hand wall so the trains can go round and round i didn't fancy an end to end as it would result in high speed collisions with the buffers at the end of the line

the station buildings roughley in position

Ive been building some more stock, A curtain sider (cheap stock) 1 pair bogies £2.60, one sheet plasticard 80p and 4 pieces of a mystery material to get the curtain texture (any guesses)


Flatbed, 1 more pair of bogies £2.60 half a sheet of platicard 40p and a 1:43 scale landrover from the local discount shop £ 1.49


Who said On30 was expensive ??? :rolleyes:

RJR Branch Line


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Steve, glad to see that your layout is as neat and clean as mine.... Well, maybe even much cleaner.....:rolleyes: :D :D

John, would that be duct tape?

I've been making labels for all the DPDT toggles that control my Tortoise machines. And I've been busy putting them in place crooked.


Got the last of the backdrops painted (basic background sky blue):


One even got some clouds and hills, then was installed.


These backdrops hide the return loop (upper) and the staging (on both upper and lower levels) area.


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In Training Down Under.
Nice work guys, Ray I have that poster in my room too, cool huh.

I'm following on from Steves work in progress shots.


Ladder is for new ceiling panels 4.75mm MDF sheets.

Temporary connection for my Nephew (and me allows roundy roundy running):D


Sorry about the big pics.


Here are a few pics from the past week.

First is my SOO SD60 6026. It is a stock Proto 2000 engine that I weathered and added a working beacon to.

Second and Third shots are of my just finished SW900. This is a Proto 2000 model that I modified and painted to resemble the EMD plant switcher in London Ontario. The decal set is by ORO Decals.

All pics are on the Windsor Modular Railroad Club layout in Windsor Ontario.

Steve B

John is that plaster bandage, Mmmm
Ray looking great ray
Ken Mwish i had that much floor space, maybe i will soon
CP9302nice locomotives, i like the backdrop as well


Active Member
Nice work guys!

Steve B, that's a multi-level layout? Sweet!

johntealon30, I like what you did with the Landrover

rhoward , is this a multi-level too? Nice control panel BTW. I realy like
your sky backdrop, the clouds are very well done.

NZRMac, your layout room is impressive! Can't wait to see how it progress

CP9302 , nice shot and nice weathering. Do you have more pics?


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The Rust Bucket Express

Not much here except a little bit more weathering.
Still need to paint the patches and add the relevant
data and car# etc..

*Bachman 50 High Cube Boxcar $6.00 each at my LHS
*Metal wheel set
*Kadee #5 couplers
*Black wash
*Weathering powder
*Rubbing alcohol
*Water based paint

Watch out for the “rust bucket” express ..:D




S.L.O.&W. Trainman
MLW, nice looking Hi-cubes you got there! I think they have seen some hard service over the years.;) Excellent weathering!

My layout isn't multi-level except in the staging area. I had thought about going multi-level in the new room but the ceiling isn't high enough to really be able to do it well.
Mystery material

The curtain siders are made from plasticard, The sides then had a grove scored in the bottom to simulate the crease, The mystery material is toilet paper wetted onto the side with solvent weld.

RJR Branch Line


MLW,Can't even tell those are Bachmann cars..Good job!
Thanks for showing what can be done with the so called "train set" cars.:D


Lazy Daydreamer
Steve, glad to see the YV2 taking shape. Are you doing it in modular sections so you can quickly reassemble it when you get to NZ?

NZ-Ken, I sure wish my own trainroom was as clean and uncluttered as yours when I started out, I simply worked "around the mess" - now my layout is 80% scenicked, but I'm too embarrass to have visitors see the garage,...er I mean trainroom!

Ray, I'm beginning to recognize your 'signature' backdrops, I can always tell theyre yours without even looking at the poster name. Nice bit of progress...

JT30, good job on the curtain-sider - I've also seen toilet paper used as tarp on flatcar loads, works quite nicely!

CP, that's an interesting mod on your switcher's exhaust - never saw a muffler quite that 'chunky' before, is it commercial parts or homegrown?

MLW, nice weathering. I saw long strings of hicube boxcars like yours in 1998, during a tour of the Willamette Industries paper mill on the Buffalo & Pittsburgh. Do you have a high-volume industry for those on your pike?

No pix from me this time around, too much holiday stress; I also found out the ballast I used is too large, so I'm trying to figure out a way to replace it without ripping out all the existing trackwork.
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