Weekend Photo Fun 3/3/06

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Well I have been waiting to see if anyone started this yet. Didn't see anything so here goes.

This is a picture of one of my SRR cabooses. Still waiting on a "little" road grime, but thats coming soon.

Sorry about the quality of the pic. It was one of the last pictures taken with my old 1.3mp camera.

The model is the PFM version of the SRR caboose from the 1970's. Taken on Rex's layout in Tuscaloosa.

The second pic is a 2-8-2 as it trundles thru the town of Locust Grove on the LG&W. Again taken with my old camera. Its a BLI 2-8-2 on the head of a manifest freight. Taken on our modular layout, when we had a home at the old Westlake Mall in Bessemer, Al.
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Not much real MRing going on this week, but finally the contractor arrived to create the new train room in the basement. I have been waiting almost a year to get this done. First for the $ for it, and then for it to get scheduled. Soon the Seneca Lake, Ontario, and Western will almost double in size. The room is approximately 11' x 17'.


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Nice pictures! If I hadn't been to tired last night I woulda finished building this Cyro-Trans 72' Cyrogenic boxcar I bought yesterday. Even those Cyro-trans no longer uses them I like it, so I'm keeping it as is. Pics later today.


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Lookin good, guys! Here are a couple of shots of an almost complete section of my layout.

This pic shows the yard of a home that will be placed on this spot. The bare wood areas will be the driveway, and a road that runns in front of the house. Note also the bridge abutment where a overpass will be added later.


Here is a shot of the same area with the house, driveway, and a few trees added.


A front view. You can see the home owner's classic Karmen Gia in the garage. ;-)



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Nice picks Carey, I like the shot of the steamer. Ray, Looks like the beginning of a great model RR room to me.
Kevin a beautiful diorama, I like what I see excellent work.
Guess I'd better get the camera and try out the new flash card.



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Kevin, better fence that yard before one of the kids runs off the edge!!

Nice photo's guys, good work.



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SO here's pics of CRYZ 1323, Cryrogenic Reefer:
View attachment 2988 View attachment 2989

My newly aquired Kadee 33" wheels, needed them to replace the stock ribbed back Walthers wheels:
View attachment 2990

And the Cab sub-base for BNSF 2750!
View attachment 2991

Picked up the Reefer yesterday (friday) at the newly moved Hobby Central, about a mile away from me here in San Diego ( http://www.hobby101.com ) they're not quite completly set up yet, though. Today I ran to Reed's hobbies to grab the wheels and picked up the Cannon Cab Subbase too, because I remembered I needed it! Now all thats left is the air cabinet, and some major metal work for that LL frame.

Oh an by the way, Polly Scale "tarnished black" is BEAUTIFUL for the truck sideframes!


I finally got around to taking some pics yesterday.This is just to show you folks that I do some modeling.What got me going is the fact that over on the Gauge where I hang my hat most of the time we are having layout parties.

This pic is the module I just finished


This is the module I started my party with.


All of the modules in this pic are mine.The one with Robin's building and the one to it's right are going to be replaced with a double length module.


The long module between the train station and the double bridge is also mine.



X-CSX modeler
Not really trains but a photo of the "Forgoten layout" and my just completed "Layout Lounge" This is why the layout has been put to the side!:cool: No Im not a Seahawks Fan

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