Weekend photo fun 10-29-05.

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Hi everyone. Hope ya'll had a good week and were able to got some RR work done.

We still making progress toward staging /train detection. Here's last night's work. The resistor board/terminal strips/LEDs were added to the staging yard indication panel. It doesn't look like much, but that was alot of wire cutting, soldering, heat shrinking, etc! I'll leave the description at that and update our other thread with the particulars. LGM worked on freight car kits last night. He's building up a fleet to fill the staging tracks. :)


And a couple of shots from the archives since wires are no fun... :D

Covered wagons and Cab units, welcome to the Rio Grande. :cool:

Switchman's view of the Sedalia yard.

Have a great weekend!!!
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I have no pics yet. But I could told you that without posting. I also did a bunch of house keeping getting ready for ops. I reversed a train on the layout. It's something I haven't done because the trains up to this point didn't do well going up the steeper grade. Well my little steamers did make the 3.7% hill pulling 4 cars and I figure that's good enough.

Anyway, if you start running a new direction you find all sorts jiggers that derail trains so I spent the day with a file. I can't even show wires. I did rearrange all the buildings and took out a few that didn't quite cut it. I pulled one of my industries, a casket factory. It was just too big and had a few things like electrical boxes that would do in 1917, but not 1885. Anyway, the point of all this rambling is that I pulled a hardware store that is the spitting image of that one you have down at the end of the track. I'm not saying it doesn't look good enough on your layout, it just didn't look good enough on mine.

(It was a time thing.)
Switchman's view of the Sedalia yard.
I don't recall seeing that one before. Nice shot, those hills as a background to the scene look interesting.
Cheers Willis
Love that loooong look up the tracks!

Do you have any problems with the KD magnet uncouplers? Haven't put any in on my layout, yet, and I hear stories about trains separating when they're not supposed to.

Darrell, still coupled, and quiet...for now
A lease IHB SW1500 on the C&HV at the Jackson Oh yard.
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Well, here's my small contribution for this week

This is an industry i re arranged today

this is my NW2 spotting a hopper under the new structure, i moved it from the other end of the railroad and found out it fits this space better

This is my GP20 on a local coal run
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Steve, that's some fine looking industrial modeling. Great pics.

Brakie, Nice shots!

Josh, as usual, great looking work.

Darrell and Willis, Thanks. As for the Kadee magnets, you can get some false uncoupling but it's no big deal in a yard setting. Mostly, they work well. We don't use them on the main anywhere though. It would probably help if we checked all of our coupler heights and pin heights.

Space , I'm looking forward to seeing more of your RR.

I agree, it's amazing how much fine tuning can be required for a smooth running layout. We've had locos that would have no problem traveling one direction but derail in several spots going the other. Thankfully, those problems are mostly worked out now. One of the problems with small RR's is that steeper grades/curves are required to "get it all in". That's another reason we model a mountain RR... ;)

As for the hardware store, it was a trainshow special that was already built. All I did was Dull Cote it. It's a little "old" for our time period but, what the heck, "modeler's lisence" isn't uncommon on the PCS RR. :D
And some more work done. I got this cool effect on the Santa Fe decal on the long hood, the ends of the letters got a darker rusty tint to them, I tried to capture it in Pic #4 but it doesn't show well with or without the flash. Someday, I'll catch the angle right. Anyways, check it out:
Can I participate in the WEEKLY PHOTO FUN? I'm still doign work on th GP7 tonight... Scratch that, I'll save it for the weekend after next, maybe by then she'll be presentable!
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I've been moving ALL weekend. What a chore. And I'll have to do it again in three weeks, a 700 mile move at that. Oh boy :eek: