WEEKEND Photo fun 03 04 05 August

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Steve B

1/50 scale modeling today, made a transformer load from card and plastic, the buzz bars are mounted on six rawl plugs, handy little things



not bad for three hours work, this is the boys christmas present BTW

HO train man

Live to train around
here is pic from old layout.-


some paper intermodal containers-


a lake that goes to a stream that will go on my layout.


drain pipe


old layout pic again-


nice job Steve B

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grove den

naturally natural trees
Warning: no tracks or trains.....sorry

Very nice pictures Steve( nice garden too:D ) and Kevin!!
Here is my small contribution.
I finished my right "Maasbrug"module.
I added some trees,"pimped" the large pier on the midle of the ( not seen) bridge,some cars and finished the bridgehead and on the other side.
Just for fun, I made a small landing stage with 2 women on it waiting for the ferryman( and his boat!:D )

The other module will be updated next week...
Have a nice MRR weekend!

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grove den

naturally natural trees
some more...

On the third picture I placed the background of my old layout behind the module: Now it looks like you are in the: "Schwarzwald"/Germany;)



Diesel Detail Freak
Well, nothing new YET, besides my first two officially published railfan shots from my Cajon Pass modeling research trip yesterday. I was going to make it a 2 day affair, but my brakes started acting up so I drove home, to get new brakes today.

I like to call this my "busted window collection".
BNSF 4477, Dash 9 on Cajon Pass helper duty, got a nice smashed window. I shot this in Victorville, at 2:34pm, and saw her just outside of San Bernardino around 5:30PM.
View attachment 7036

UP 9950, SD40-2 at the Barstow Train Museum, someone smashed out the window.
View attachment 7037


Diesel Detail Freak
First one I've seen Miles! It's been there some where around 2 years now. They've even got intermodal! There's a 48' NACS container there too, though that could be used for storage.


Active Member
Weathered Rail

The theme of this photo-essay is Weathered tracks / Rail









SD40-2s in Museums already... Yikes!

Awesome shots everybody!! I hope to get some good shots of my most recent Purchase of a BLI SD40-2 NS# 1649 ... gotta pickup a decoder for it first!
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Steve B

Jos Great work with the module
MLW love the first shot looking down into the yard
Josh Wish i had your sun today
Train man keep em coming
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How to get Fired

How does one get fired quickly? Put the Blue Streak Merchandise on the ground!

Someone left a switch open around a curve on me while I was trying to close the one behind my train. Oops! Got out the 0-5-0 Rerailing Frog Device and had the BSM on its way again in no time...with a new crew. :)


Southern Railway lives on
Josh is that a Athearn RTR AC4400, or is it a C44-9W?
SSW that is one purty loco!:cool:
A couple miscellaneous pictures of some of my custom painted models. I better sell the BN one soon, i'm getting attached to it.:rolleyes:





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Go make something!
AC4400 Smoke.

I have a similiar AC4400 with Details West(?) Hi Ad sideframes but they hit the frame so the locomotive is only good for straight track. Did you have a similiar problem? how'd you fix it?


Diesel Detail Freak
Its a newer run RTR, so it came with the side frames. Though I did have this problem with my Kaslo SD50F, I just filed the corners of the side frames, and the ladder wells so they have more clearance.


Lazy Daydreamer
Hi all, lotsa great stuff on here as always!

Jos - your pics give a whole new meaning to the old saying, "Great things come in small packages!"

Josh - that CN unit is lookin' good, is it a Genesis or Kato?

Here's my offering. Not much, since my regular work area and photo studio have been temporarily 'reclaimed' by the CFO thru Monday night. But I did manage to get this one on my picnic table long enough for a single shot. It's an Atlas master series GP38 that I upgraded to an early-production GP38-2, bought by L&N and later painted into CSX colors - lightly seasoned to taste:


Proto: http://www.trainweb.org/csxphotos/photos/GP38-2/2570CSX-bc.jpg

(It's not quite finished - still needs a horn, a plow, and side window awnings.)
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