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I really like both cars. Nicely weathered but not overboard.

I can’t handle Testors dull cote after using it for literally decades! During Covid the smell just really got to me. I loved using Pan Pastels but disliked the Dull cote diminishing the coverage. When I use Pan Pastels I now use the VMS- matte clear varnish which IMOO is less aggressive to the Pan Pastels

That third car, I’d like to duplicate that. Wow

Yeah, there’s a balance that Dullcote strikes for me in certain situations:

When I do the white lettering deterioration runs, it’s difficult for me to not overdo it, and to me that’s among the uglier mistakes I make. And I am a poor hand still yet at determining whether I’ve overdone it or not, with the car in progress. So, I’ll generally Dullcote a car that I do lettering runs/streaks, as it’s a measure of “insurance” against overdoing.

Those last two batches of hoppers I did and reported in previous posts had no letter fades, and I wanted all my chalk work to show through, so Vallejo Matte Varnish was the choice.

Those wood box cars I “remediated” (also in a previous post) - the original seal was Dullcote, to keep the letter streaks understated. Then, when I gave the cars a good fade a few months later, the topcoat was the Vallejo Matte Varnish, because all I had added was a fade layer over the old work.

For me, as far as smells go, I have the liberty of taking spray painting outdoors, weather & daylight permitting (both becoming rarer at this time of year), because I live in a rural area.
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The last of my ScaleTrain Bulkhead flats went out the door yesterday. I packaged it up prior to leaving for Texas. Decided yesterday during some downtime at the golf course to see if it would sell on FB and it did. The daughter took it to the post office for me

The same reporting marks as the previous car but a different deck finish


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These were the next cars up for weathering when I headed out on Wednesday

3 Private road name cars from Accurail. I had a great discussion with the cars owner and I have some ideas and have sent some pictures of similar prototype type cars. He definitely wants the letters faded but still wants them readable

Build dates are 1969 and he sort of models to fit 1990 to 2005

I am in another weather delay on the golf course, another batch of rainy fog! So going through my phone


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Another car started for me but my stuff takes a back seat to weathering commissions. Another private road name car that I have shown the start of a couple weeks ago. Pilar Valley Railway available via from Tangent models

2 sides maybe done. I included the end panel shots to give you an indication of the transformation

The ends are also done but I guess I took no photos. Hopefully this car is completed before Thanksgiving. The difference in the amount of weathering on each side is purposeful. Not all the car sides weather and age the same

As for graffiti and tags for this car, at this time I am leaning to no!


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I had hoped I would never do another Walthers Mainline yellow TBOX 60’ high cube boxcar let alone 4 more. Lightly weathered and a couple may actually reach medium but no graffiti. Originally done per a client request. These are out on FB for sale. Built between 1/2011 and 1/2012 in Mexico. $44 each and if you use the forum email I will include shipping


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That’s what I like, subtle weathering and no shine.
Thank you. I’ve done many of these cars this way. If you look on YouTube train graffiti videos most of these cars are covered in graffiti. Similar to the white canvas that the ARMN reefers provide to graffiti artists/vandals. Yellow seems to draw (pun intended) these guys out. It was a nice change to do some cars without graffiti


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3 of the 4 TBOX yellow 60’ high cubes have been sent on their way. I am going to try to keep 1. There are 6 more per the inventory sheet that I may someday get to weather. I enjoy the value of the Walthers Mainline cars that have been produced since 2020

Next up for the weathering bench are a couple of Walthers Proto Autoracks. I had a visitor drop off some more spine and trailers last night. He saw the 2 BNSF cars and asked if those were mine or a weathering project. Well, they are his now and will be lightly weathered and just a few tags, no graffiti!!! He models the current era 2010 to today. But, he is building a train for 2000 at his club and these will fit that scheme

Purchased earlier this week I only changed out the wheels and couplers.


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Hello from the cave in So. Central Wisconsin. For some reason my eyes have really started watering while at the weathering bench this morning. Thought after lunch I’d be fine but nope, so relaxing right now.

I finished this up awhile ago but the client asked if I’d sell it for him.


HO scale Weathered Front Runner with 48’ trailer

TTOX #130100 from Walthers Mainline series

Per online photo sites this car was built in 6/1984 and there are pictures showing in operation dated 7/4/1995


11/18/2023, the model sold on FB yesterday evening and is shipping to Mexico this morning,

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While I mainly use Arcylics from Vallejo and Tamiya I do have some from Mission and Army painter. Just wondering if anyone is using any from Ammo by Mig? Any good or negative comments if you have. I’ve been watching the price on this set for awhile. While I have used some of the AK Interactive weathering effects, those are enamel.

So if you have any opinions by this evening let me know your thoughts


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