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I am using code 83 track on my dioramas and this is my progress thus far using the following materials...
Testors Model Master Light Grey (acrylic)
Grumbacher Burnt Umber Artists Oils
Mineral Spirits

I start by painting the whole track light grey (looks more white)
virginia track white.jpg

I mix the Burnt Umber with mineral spirits and apply more as a wash than a hard paint on over the light grey. The result of this is seen on the left... On the right is factory code 83

penn track 2.jpg

The light grey brings out the details of the ties so when you apply the burnt umber wash, they stand out great!

I learned this technique from Lance Mindheim's page and decided to try for myself and the result is great!


Another nice detail, since we are concerned about realism, is to remove the very last tie and its connective tissue to the 2nd tie in..This gets rid of that toyish boxy look where the joiners are (and is a dead giveaway of being sectional track)..Then, of course, slip/glue some single ties back under, later..


That's not prototypical? (I live a long way from any railroad tracks.)
What are you saying ?
I'm pointing out that there is longitudinal plastic webbing under either side of and in middle of the rails connecting the 1st and 2nd tie at both ends of sectional track which gives it a toyish boxy appearance, and how one can correct this in order to make it prototypical looking, if one wishes...
Atlas and others do this to make room for the rail joiners while giving the appearance there is a tie under them, when there really is not. This is so easy to see in post #3.
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