We are now a real railroad ... sorta


The first lettered Pacific Coast Air Line Railway car. A MDC old time stock car backdated to the 1870's in OO by the addition of HO 36" wheels to represent the 33" OO wheels.


The decals were printed on an ALPS MD-1000. Engineer Bill and the crew are really excited about having a PcalRwy car. Now the underframe and trucks need a coat of paint.

Just a thought
More than just a thought, very nicely done Harold. Hmm! looks like a stock car so who are the guys in the suits and ties, Stockbrokers? :D
on second thought not very funny. I've been following your move into OO it's really coming togther for you. Excellent work
Cheers Willis
who are the guys in the suits and ties

If you look at 1870's pictures there were always people wearing coats and ties. Pictures were always a big deal.

The OO is working out really well it fits the period perfectly.

Just a thought
Did you use a computer to design the details or were they made by a company? What exactly is an Alps MD-1000?
Chris Moore
I used AutoCAD to do the artwork. It is easier to control the artwork with a Computer Aided Design program. The ALPS MD-1000 printer is a thermal printer that prints white. Unfortunately it is no longer in production.