Waltzing Creek & Western Railroad

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Here are some pictures of my layout that is under construction. The room is 32' x 32'. The layout is in N scale.

The Town of Griffithville:
I attached the pictures to the post, but they didn't show up. As soon as I figure out how to get the pictures copied into a post, I'll get the pictures up and post some additional as well. Maybe tomorrow night.


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Hi BrassHat above is a link to a help file for uploading photos. There was an update to the site since and we have not updated this file yet. Attached is information pertaining to the size and types of files that can be uploaded. Just click on the image for a larger display

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Hey Glenn. We're looking forward to the pics.

You can always just click on the pic icon above the message window, paste the address of the pic, and post them full size. :cool:
Bridge on Mainline between Griffithville and Batesville. Griffithville is currently the East end of the railroad. I will post pictures heading west.

The first picture is from the east end looking west. The second picture shows the Strip Mill and Plate Mills (Walthers Kits). A wire, nail, and bolt & nut mill will be on right made from DPM modules. A blast furnace is under construction for the back corner. The third picture is from the west end looking back at the plate mill and strip mill.


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WCWBrassHat said:
The room is 32' x 32'.
Holy smokes!! My G-Scale railway is only 6' x 35'! :) It looks like you have enough stock there to make up a train or two. I can't wait to see more pictures.


Very Nice! Good to see another N scaler making good. Looks like you used Atlas Code 55 track?

Yes, it is the Atlas Code 55 track. I have been very impressed with it. Didn't have any ground throws installed for a while, but would run engines through the loose points and not have any more derailments than I was use to on the Code 80 track! Bad part about the change is that the old pizza cutter flanges have to be replaced. At this point I only have about 15% of my rolling stock available until I get more low profile wheelsets. My fleet of 9 Atlas/RR 2-8-2's maybe permanently sidelined unless CJCresent can back up his claim to being able to turn down the flanges.



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man if i did not have short lil club fingers i would make the change to n scale

nice layout :D

The layout is 32' x 32'. The mainline is currently 65' long. The passing sidings are set for a minimum 8 car long train. The layout is 1930's era with steam, although a couple of diesels have taken up temporary residence. LOL


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