Walthers enclosed auto racks


Are the Walthers enclosed auto racks still in production? I've only been going to shows lately (as opposed to hobby shops) to look for stuff and I've rarely seen any for sale, and none when I have some $$$ to spend. Or do I just get to the show after somebody else goes and snaps all of them up?
Quick search at Walthers website shows that most of the autoracks pre-assembled are in stock. If you are looking for kits get as many as you as it looks like they are no longer produced.

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Walthers has a new run of tri-level autoracks coming out in November or December. There is quite a variety of roads.

ran a train the other night with about 15 on it. It just barely made it around 30 inch radius curves. Looked great but boy do they take up real estate. :D