Up Grade of an Old Atlas Caboose

Digging through some boxes of cars in storage netted this find. I had bought it quite some time ago but boxed it up for an impending move. Deciding to continue with my modernization, I put new trucks and metal wheels on it. New trucks necessitated new couplers. Kadee couplers were installed and had to be shimmed down to match my coupler gauge. The roof walk had been removed and the mounts for it partially filled in. The cast on grab irons on the side looked undersized and lacked the dimension I wanted. Shaving them off was enough practice to tackle the sub sized marker lights at the corners. With those removed, new end marker lights will be installed on the roof. So with that done, it is time to tackle some of the windows and blank them out. Painting it will come next.

Hi Greg, there seems to be some real nice detail on that car, did it come that way or have you added details to it?

Cheers Willis
It came that way. It's an early 70's plastic model that had surprisingly good detail. But on the other hand it had some funky trucks, which weren't bad looking but not right for the caboose. The wheels were plastic and had huge flanges that were sharp. It certainly doesn't come up to today’s standards, but it was a leap forward from the stuff Lionel was putting out at the time. The freight cars were nice, but had the same problem with the trucks. Nice thing about them, then and now, they make good kit bash projects and don't cost an arm and a leg.

I envy you having the room of O scale to do your mods in. Me, I am modifying a custom painted Atlas HO WV to correct the roofwalks and other details. Painful to say the least, and I am not even going to attempt to correct the windows.

What are you going to paint this in when done?
I think I will paint it for the Sierra Railroad. They had a nice green and white paint scheme that would look nice on it. On the other hand, I like the Sierra yellow and black.
As for room, I run my O scale at a friends layout. That is why I like my equipment to be rugged, for transporting. :D