Union Pacific Steam Double Header


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Here are a few shots of UP 844 and 3985 on their way down to Denver this past Thursday morning in preparation for the Cheyenne Frontier Days/Denver Post Special that they run every year for the start of the rodeo.




I haven't seen many things more impressive than these two magnificent machines thunder down the track at 50mph.
I got some video as well. Still trying to get the file size down (new toy). I'll try to get it up here tonight.
Still trying to figure out this digital video stuff. Looks great on the TV but can’t seem to get it right when I save it to the computer. I’ll keep trying… Until then here’s a poor quality video.

Here it is...
Thanks for posting the pics. I just missed seeing that train running at speed this summer. I was in your neck of the woods on the day it was running back to Cheyenne, heading from Colo. Springs to Cheyenne and beyond, and finally caught up with it as they were putting 844 back into the train shed. At least I got to see it operating, but didn't get any decent pictures. I had never been to Cheyenne before, so I had to find my way around, which took a little while. There was also construction on I-25 that day, which slowed us down quite a bit. Looking forward to the next time I can get up there to catch it.
Those are AWESOME pics. Folks can say what they want about UP, but they do alot to promote rail history with the Steam and Heritage programmes.
Nice, I bet that's making a lot of people nostalgic! I have never seen anything near as impressive as two steam locos together, maybe someday....