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Old 97

Hello all!
SDP-45 expressed an interest in the location of my railroad photos that I've been posting.
He requested a pulled back view as to show the whole picture.
I figured why not just show everyone the whole thing.
I have been building dioramas to use as props for taking photos of my models outside.
One of my favorite props is the side of my house.
It has stucco on the outside and it provides me the rocky background in my photos.

The diorama that I've been working on is made out of foam insulation board cut to shape and layered.
The pieces are held together with liquid nails.
After everything had dried, I used a wire brush to rough up the surfaces
that were to be seen in photos.
The wire brush had the effect of making the foam board appear like layered
I then painted the whole thing with basic brown,green and grey spray paint.
Then I glued down a piece of thin foam for roadbed and added a stretch of track.
I decided to experiment with ashes as a ballast along the track.
A while ago the idea came to me as I was scooping some ashes out of my wood burning stove.
I sifted the ashes into a container and then applied it to the tracks like normal ballast.
I think it worked okay,but I may need to refine the process a little. :D

When it was time to snap some pics, I simply took my diorama outside and set it up alongside my house.
Knowing what the subject was to be, I picked the appropriate models and placed them on the diorama.

The subject for my earlier photo was my Docksider steam engine.
The location and storyline was the fictitious White Mountain Gravel Company quarry.
The usual quarry engine had been wrecked in an accident and the New York & Western sent docksider #98 as a loaner until the quarry was able to acquire another engine.

The following photo shows #98 heading into the quarry with a boxcar of supplies and two empty open hoppers.
The other photos show the diorama being built and placed for picture taking.

Old 97

Other photos.....

The following two photos show engine #98 heading out of the White Mountain
Gravel Company quarry with a MOW gondola.
The transfer caboose was added for extra braking.

These photos were originally posted in the HO Docksider for sale thread.


I like TYCO!
How very fortunate you are to have such photogenic siding on your house. I had to laugh when I saw that the track was sitting on the trash can.
Thanks for taking the time to show where this takes place. Guess this is your version of outdoor railroading.

Old 97

SDP45 said:
Thanks for taking the time to show where this takes place. Guess this is your version of outdoor railroading.

You're welcome Dan!
It was a lot of fun. :)
And yes......
That is my version of outdoor railroading. :D :D

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