U-Build Machine & Power Tools Catalog


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New web catalog features: U-Build Metal Turning Lathes & Accessories, Milling & Grinding Attachments, Low Cost EDM, Step Chucks, Compound Drill Press Milling Table, Hybrid Shop Pantograph (Features an adjustable height stepped table that allows you to trace around actual 3-D objects), Shadow Comparator (Reveals faulty machining, grinding, or wear), Form Turning Tools, Home Shop Etching & Electroplating, Small Lathe Taper Attachment, Super file (precise internal & external filing - No Castings required), Drill Press Milling Arm (Turns drill press into accurate, Vertical Milling Machine), Vapor Zone Grinding, Micrometer Work Holder for Bench Grinder, Steam/Cannon/Models, The Atlantic (1832 Model Locomotive runs on O-gauge) Much, Much, More! All U-Build! Visit Catalog at: www.poormanspubs.us amd see for yourself.