Turntable Help


Hi I am having trouble trying to figure out how too make my Turntable move on a Track or etc.I am using two Gears as you can see in the Photos I have Provided,
Maybe you can tell me what too use here.Photo.1 is inside of the Turntable Bridge,Photo.2 is the Turntable Pit,Photo.3,Is the Underneath of my Turntable.Photo 4 is The Gears & Powerpack I will be using to make the Turntable Rotate.Hope somebody here could lend me some suggestions.:confused:
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Well I need some kinda of Track System that is where I am STumped at.any ideas ho too set it up.Thanks for teh 2 Replies.
Maybe by some tight radius N scale track and cut it so you just have a single rail going aorund the outside edge. Mount a couple wheels to your bridge and presto. Time to do a bit of head scratchin i suppose?

Sorry thats the best I can think of, I dont have a Turn Table so its kinda guess work from my end.