turnout options


New Guy
If I plan on using Atlas snap track (code 83) what would the best turnouts be to use? I would like them controlled by a toggle switch. I don't know if it matters but I plan on buying the Digitrax Zephyr if anyone gets it in stock again. Also my curves are going to be 22" radius if that matters.
Hi Aron, well I'm no track planner or expert for that matter. Others will or should correct me if I'm wrong. With 22"R I would go with #6 turnouts. I use Atlas but they are far from the best available. I used Atlas to keep the price down.
If you plan to use a toggle switch for activation of the turnouts then they will have to be motor driven as the voltage will remain applied all of the time. This would burn out a normal dual coil switch machine. A toggle switch with a momentary push button switch would work also work for the twin coil machines.
Now I see you are planning DCC, you may be wanting to control your turnouts with that, and this option I'll leave to those who know something about it.
Thanks Willis, I wasn't 100% sure if I could control them with the Digitrax Zephyr and I'm 0% sure of how this is done.
The Zephyr will run stationary decoders. Most stationary decoders will switch tortoise or twin coil turnout motors. The lenz decoder is very popular, six turnouts for every decoder. The problem some guys have is remembering the address for a particular turnout!!

I'm going Peco turnouts code 100 ( I already have some and heaps of track) and I'll switch them manually with fascia mounted levers.