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One thing I will be startign after I finish wiring will be the tunnels, before continuing to construct the layout, since these need alot of attention, especially the tracks, which some will not be easily accessable. I keep thinking on how these are constructed, since I have some long tunnels which are in a curve, do the internal walls need to be all the tunnel lenght? or do I can only make the first 6 inches of it, then make an accessable way through the side of the layout so if somethign happens I can acces it from a hatch?
But then I was thinking that is I do a hatch for servicing and leave most of the tunnel without walls, I could have light getting in and it will show the internal of the tunnel ( which will have only few inches wall )

I would also like to know how its best to construct the internal walls, some times I saw layouts with only bricks printed cardboard curved to shape. Others I saw only the first few inches moulded in plaster as rock ( no bricks )

You can see on the layout and on the plan that on the right side I have 2 tunnels, whcih are curved and the tracks pass over each other inside the tunnel.



I'm confused

grove den

naturally natural trees
construction tunnelentrance

Hello Maxitrains!

You gave alreadythe answer yourself!:
only make the first 6 inches of it, then make an accessable way through the side of the layout so if somethign happens I can acces it from a hatch
onother thing:
how its best to construct the internal walls
That depends on the quality of the rocks they have/ had to move to make the tunnel..With other words: if the rock was solid enough to built with they use it of cours: no transportcosts so cheap!!. But if the rock that was removed was of bad quality they had to use other materials like brickstone..
Mostly the tunnelbuilders try to use the rock that was at the place( or area) were the tunnel was/ is built...
tip: paint the "Mountaininside ": black. So IF someone could look further than the 6 inches it is "too dark"to see anything!!:)



Jos, thanks for your help and for the TIP.

Nick, thanks for the compliment, I hope I can finish it this time, its been there waiting for 9 years :p

I will be having a hard time to place some buildings in this scenery, but I will have to find the place for them.


If you're worried about light getting in you can do what I did.......make removable covers for your access areas. My covers are 1/8 inch board and they sit in metal l-brackets at the bottom and have velcro at the top. So if I have a problem, I simply pull the velcro loose and lift the panel out of the L-bracket.

Joe Daddy

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Nice job, love the chicken wire. Does not look like you are using foam, which caught my eye! Please, keep posting pictures on your project!



Thanks for the link Joe, nice hints, though I have another straight one on the left ( seen in the pics with a simulated tunnel ) which I have to build all internal, since its straight and see through. I'm still thinking if I will leave it as rock face protals or make a bricks portal, but that tunnel will have both ends on a mountain face ( bridges on both sides )


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You can make a cardboard upside down "U" for the tunnel entrances, then crinkle up some aluminum foil and glue onto the carboard, looks like cut rock when painted black. Easy and cheap to do.

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