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The wood cases are made by the same company in the link I posted. As I said, they make lots of different cases so browse around their store.


i built my own the first time.3x4 added plexie glass,hinges and velcro.hate when i know a engine out the case.


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how fancy do you want them?

I built mine from 1x2 (on flat). They are the perfect depth for HO. A section (or 2) of 3' flex track ballasted on cork makes it look pretty good. I didn't use a door/glass/plexi, but a sheet of plexi could be attached on hinges pretty easily. A backside of masonite kept it all square. Adn when all is said and done, they only stick out 2" (or less) from the wall.

It's not a living room quality display, but it worked for me in my home-away-from-home many years ago. The 1x2 were recycled when I built my layout.


My sister bought two very nice cherry wood laminated (fiber board) curio cabinets at a furniture store "going out of business sale" (furniture stores are EVERYWHERE in Stockton, and they always seem to be "going out of business" but never actually do) for $50.00 a piece. Since she bought two though, they gave her both for $80.00. They have mirrored backs, glass shelves and light up. When she moved, she had a large wall unit built in to her living room, so these cabinets became surplus and she offered them to me for trains. They work out well for my HO locomotives.

The two large oak cabinets I bought at a furniture factory here in Stockton that really was going out of business. They had a factory outlet store and were blowing the stock out, so they had these floor to ceiling cabinets, 12" deep, 8 feet tall, 3 feet wide. They are all solid oak, except for the glass on the upper doors. Alicia has her porceline dolls in them and I have my HO Big Rigs in one part. The bottoms though are ALL HO rolling stock (or at least part of the collection). I took the shelves out of the top cabinets to fit the dolls in and put them in the bottom cabinets, so there are about 6 or 7 shelves in each of the bottom cabinets (2), stuffed to the gills with HO freight and passenger cars.

The On30 is above my closet in their Bachmann boxes along with the Tyco HO trainsets I have from when I was a kid in their set boxes.

And I still need more space.... :rolleyes:


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Try Alliance they have a nice selection of display cases (although not sure if they have wall mounted) If your looking for somehting inexpensive you can always give IKEA a try.

Good Luck!!

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