Trailer Hitches?


Does anyone make N Scale trailer hitches to put on a wellcar? I am planning on kitbashing a DeLuxe Innovations wellcar into an all purpose wellcar.

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I'm sorry, I but have no idea of what you are asking about. If this is about railroad rolling stock, then it's in the right place. Anyway if you have a question it is much better to post it where you feel it fits in, rather than worry if it's in the correct forum. It can always be relocated very easily later without fuss or lectures by the administration.

Micro-Trains makes a mixed pack of collapsed and raised trailer hitches for flat cars. I would think you could trim the excess off the collapsed one to utilize the hitch.

Or, just get some styrene strip and make your own. Cut to look like the hitch, drill a hole in it and voila, you've got a hitch plate to put on the A/P well car. Heck, thats about all it looks like Con-Cor did on my N scale A/P well cars...
OK, thanks! I'll have to pick up some hitches. If I can't get some I'll make them myself, since hitches are a small detail, I don't think I have to make them look superb (Especially in N Scale) but I will do my best. :)
Willis, he's looking for the '5th wheel' type hitch platforms that you find on the TTX All-Purpose Husky Stack well cars. Those cars can handle either a container or a 53' trailer.

Ah! thank's Kennedy. Don't see much of that or any for that matter around here. I've seen some modeling of it somewhere.