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Help can i put (wd40) on my gears in my engine and is a eraser the best thing for my tracks and how do i clean my wheels on my engine
nick:) :)


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Hey Nick, plastic compatible grease is best for the gears in any loco, some sprays may damage the gears and attract more dust.

I use Methylated spirits on a cloth layed on the tracks while holding the loco let the wheels spin on the cloth as the other end of the loco picks up power from the track, works like magic.

Cleaning the track is tricky, lots of different methods. Meths on cloth works for me but takes ages. Others just use a cleaning car. Some guys use car paint polish and only clean every year or two!!

Enjoy, the guys will chip in with some ideas.



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Hi Nick,

I would avoid using WD40 because as NZKen mentioned above, it could damage the plastic. Are there any hobbyshops close to where you live? They should have some type of light machine oil with a needle applicator, specially suited for lubricating your locos. I wish I knew more but haven't done that in so long myself, I might only confuse you more...

As for using an eraser, is it a so-called "bright-boy" type specially designed for cleaning track? Standard erasers may be too soft, where they would not only fail to get all of the gunk, but also leave a residue of rubber.

My layout is still under construction, and my previous one was in a basement where the nickel-silver track didn't get dirty that much, so my experience on this topic is also somewhat limited.


I used WD40 for a while to clean the wheels on my engines, until my LHS said it was probably not good, as it was possible it could attack the plastic, making it brittle, also if it got up in the bears, it could remove the "factory" grease already there.

I use Laballe 106 for the gears, and AreoLocomotive Works for cleaning engine wheels, and my old standard statement ;) is I use Chrome Polish to clean and maintain track.


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Thanks u guys were a big help and i need to know where you can by cheap track like about 2.00$ for five i only have like a ovel it sucks and i have only one rolling stock


In Training Down Under.
We all have to start somewhere my friend!!! Buy wisely and don't buy cheap quality loco's or cars and you'll soon have a nice collection.

Search on-line for Model Power flex track, I think it's about the cheapest.


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