Toot Toot - Inaugural Run


House Mother, Cheerleader
She's home, and ready for fun!!! Yes, my little loco is back where she belongs.

Wonder of wonders, she made a perfect run the first time around, but we had some minor derails due to sloppy switch action on subsequent trials. The rock yard finally restocked the gravel I need, so now I can finish the ballast and improve the level and stability of the track.

I'm already starting to plan Phase 2!
Looks go L_R. When I get the bathroom/bedroom remodel dun maybe I will have timr to get back to my RR. Will post a couple of pix in ANPL on my progress so far.

It looks great Claudia, you've done well.
I like it both scenes the station and church, but the little loco with it's consist is the main focal point, just enough plants to set it all off, Well Done. :D
I think that calls for a step # 7

Cheers Willis
Congradslations Good Luck. So did you get the Priest's House in yet so all the drinkers at the Tavern can pray forgiveness?
Good idea, John. I should be able to find room somewhere for a parsonage. I guess for now, he just has to live in the church office. As I recall, that's where preachers spend most of their time, anyway.