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Michael J

New model railroader
As a new model railroader, what sort of items should I assemble for a tool kit? Needle-nose pliers? Wire cutter/stripper? Other suggestions? ... Obviously, I will not be buying every tool I will need at once, maybe you could list by priority what I should get, and then what I should add later. Thank you.
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NMRA Standards gauge
Kadee Height gauge for couplers
basic knife set with #11 blades, razor saw etc
mini screw driver set (radio shack)
rail nipper pliers (xuron)
2 sets of Needle files (radio shack, harbor freight etc) 1 set to use on metal, 1 for plastic
various size of needle nose pliers
test leads (wire with clips) Radio shack
soldering iron
Also clear flat fishing tackle boxes make great storage for couplers, screws, washers, rail joiners, track nails, spikes and many other small items that you may need at the layout.
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Optivisor and a handy-light for good seeing of tiny details.

Razor saw.

Miter box. The small orange hobby one you get at craft stores.

Cordless driver and another driver with a 2 mm drill bit for pilot holes if using smallish milled lumber.

10 pounds of 1.25" wood or deck screws.

Wood glue

Masking tape/painters' tape

Several small brushes to help spread and groom ballast

Track nails

Ideally, a Micro Mark track nail insertion and pulling tool...look like pliers

Eyeglass screw driver set.

Acrylic craft paints from Wally's and a cheapo artist's brush set with several sizes and lengths of brushes.

Carpenters' square.

Chop saw, but it should be a compound miter type saw.

Orbital sander, but a disk grinder wouldn't be a bad idea for quick jobs

A good electric jig saw.

Ear defenders or radio headphones.

This is the selection of tools I have by my layout,I can handle most modeling tasks with these.



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