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Anybody else have their kids into model railroading, or plan to? Little Abigail doesn't really know what to do with that thing at 4 months of course, but soon enough she will. Oh and anybody who says this stuff is just for boys, maybe it once was. I think my daughter is going to just love to play with them. My wife isn't too keen on it, but maybe if Abby takes an interest, she will as well.


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Great picture, beautiful little girl!:)

My Stephanie (now 8) is the only one of my kids who ever showed an interest in my trains. She loves doing passenger runs, even has her own set of Preiser figures that she plays with like miniature Barbie's.

Here is a picture from her 7th birthday:
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Great pics guys!! My little Brigette is keen, she loves playing with cars (autos) hasn't got the scale worked out yet but there still time;)



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It's never too soon! I was brought into the hobby when I was infant; my late father was crazy about trains. All it took was my first Christmas with the Lionels set around the tree and I was hooked!

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great pictures, all 3 of mine love trains and driving cars around the houses, not quite there with the scale issues but what the heck, if they want 1/50th scale trucks and cars what the heck


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My grandson Colton received his first train when he was two days old. I walked into the hospital room with a Thomas the Tank train set under my arm. He will be two in October and takes his wooden Thomas(his first Christmas present from you can't guess who) with him everywhere. His daddy has set up the electric set and Colton loves to sped it up and then slow it down under his dads supervision.


Maytag "Danged Agitator"
I do not know where my daughter and son in-law came up with the name. His other grandpa is Clayton Carl, my son in-law is Clinton Carl and we now have Colton Carl. A little strawberry blond with really bright blue eyes and a real gem of a kid.


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Never to young... or old

I start introducing my daughter(4-1/2yrs now) to trains when she was a baby. well, I've successfuly brainwashered her, and now it's rubbing off on my son(2yrs). I even had her helping me build a small 4x4 layout for under the tree.
View attachment 6871

View attachment 6872
The red circle and X represents the tree stand.

And here's my son playing with it.
Aidan and the Thomas layout
Some of it is delicate... but fixable.
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I suspect that when the day comes that I have a child, my parents will probably bring Thomas & Friends to the delivery room...


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Never too early to start a child on a hobby. My family is not into trains, but into horses as am I. I could ride before I could walk. I think my first toy must've been horse related. Same concept really.

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