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My foray into the narrow gauge of my youth is over.😁 I may build a simple loop display layout some day or just sell off the stuff.

I did learn a few things.......

1. It was fun building the engines and cars, but the track is too tiny. No way I would get into N scale.

2. Peco narrow gauge flex track and switches are high quality, but laying that tiny track (and those micro rail joiners) with 60+ year old eyes is no fun.

3. I had frustrating electrical issues everywhere with DC.:mad: I will enjoy the simplicity of Standard gauge and DCC.;)

I was able to save and will reuse the benchwork and foam base. I also saved the mine section, but had to do a little surgery for Standard gauge use.

The layout is going to be a rural branch line, serviced by the SP, during the 1960's. I will be using small switchers like 44 ton center cabs, NW2, SW7, etc. There will also be a branch line that leads to mine.

I will post pictures of the progress after I get the base scenery down. Track is laid and ballasted. Ballasting.....something else I just hate.:mad:

Work is going slow since the weather is so nice and I am outside enjoying it.


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Track is laid, NO ELECTRICAL problems:D, and I'm starting on the scenery.

Sorry for the bad quality photos. Using a real old digital camera. The pond (and everything else) looks a whole lot better than the photos show.


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Completed a little more landscaping and structure placement. Lots more to do, but it's taking shape.

Again, sorry for the poor quality photos. Someday I will buy new camera.:oops:


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Completed a little more landscaping and structure placement. Lots more to do, but it's taking shape.

Again, sorry for the poor quality photos. Someday I will buy new camera.:oops:
Marlin, you may want to check out They are a respected dealer in used photography gear. A couple of months ago I bought a Nikon D7000 rated EX+ and a 35-80mm Nikkor AF lens rated EX. Had it overnight shipped. Cost me just under $350. Check 'em out.


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Slept real well last night and felt really motivated to work on the layout. Almost completed the far end.

I still need to get a better day.:(


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That's really looking good, great work and attention to detail, I love this.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it and am humbled by your kind words, but I still have a long way to go. I try to make every 12" a different scene, from every angle. I have more fun building structures and scenery, than actual time running trains.

I have to give a lot of credit to Dave Frary. I have admired his modeling, scenery techniques, and style over the last several decades. I also get many ideas and inspiration from the GREAT modelers featured in the Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette.


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Cleaned the track with Mineral Spirits really well and tried a little goofing around & switching.

The Atlas HH600 that I just received back from Atlas ran flawlessly. The Rapido SW1200 and BLI SW7 were cutting out and hesitating....super frustrating

AND unbelievably the little Spectrum 45 tonner ran almost as well as the Atlas.


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I had a credit at the local fun store and bought a Woodland Scenics Roto Wheel Cleaner. This thing is AWESOME. No liquid, paper towels, etc......and there are 3 choices to get power to it. 20 seconds and all the wheels were clean. Every engine with performance issues now runs like new.

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