TN&O's Solitary Alco S1 No. 10 - What colours?


John M Upton
One of the one-off's on my to do list is SP subsidiary's solitary Alco S1 No. 10, apparently the first diesel loco to work in Texas according to what I have read. The only photo that I have ever found is the one on the excellent espee railfan site:

Naturally the photo is black and white!! I am assuming (dangerous I know!!) that I am looking at black body with orange sills, pilot faces and hood end. What colour is the the Southern Pacific lettering and 10 numerals on the cabsides though? I am assuming orange too but I have seen some other SP switchers with white lettering or numbering or indeed a combination of both!

If anyone can help nail down the correct colours I would appreciate it. The whereabouts of any other photos of it would be nice too.

And does anyone know what happened to it? There seems to be no record of its retirement, sale or subsequent career.
It was painted like SP's S1s, black body with orange ends and sill, at least depending on "when".