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So a while back I was going to start a new layout but never really got the time. Well, I was tinkering around with some new ideas the last couple days and I think I may want to change it up a bit. Here is what I have so far:

This is my old layout. It is currently in the middle of my basement which takes up too much room and kind of blocks the gas meter.

Old layout shape.jpg

My plan is to re-position the old layout and rebuild the track plan. I'll drop the height by three inches so it will fit under the electric panel (in the upper left corner on the left hand wall.) My goal is to add some operational interest and a longer mainline run. This is what I was looking at so far. The track in the back and coming from the upper center to the lower right will be elevated, coming down to no elevation at the turnout at the bottom. This won't be a tunnel; I will be putting in a nice bridge that spans the turnout and the mainline. How should I proceed? It still feels pretty empty at this point. I want a couple industries. I still haven't given up on coal, lumber, and since I'm doing transition era, maybe a fueling station / water tower type area? A small engine yard would be nice but isn't necessary. I have a freight depot already and I would like to incorporate it as well (the building in the upper left is the freight depot at this point.) 1 - 2 switchers and a mainline train, occasionally run passenger stuff just to run it (they can handle the curves, I've checked.) Thoughts?

folded dogbone.jpg

Iron Horseman

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I would definitely figure out how to use the insides of the loops. That is where most of your "area" is. You have a track into the right side one already. I would start by expanding on that.

Only 1 passing siding on the main limits you to a single train running at a time. Don't know if you can squeeze another one in there without making the narrow section look like solid track.


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Would have spur on top right go the other way, i.e. no over the tracks. 99.999999% of US RRs would not build a bridge for just a spur. You might also thing about a couple of yard tracks in upper left. If you're like most of us you already have or will get more cars. You could put a siding on top right "going around the corner" there.
Thanks guys for the feedback. I haven't had time the last few days to update this plan, but I am still working on it! Cajon, I did the top loop the way I did specifically for the scenic potential that the overpassing rail made, but I suppose I could cut it. Plus it is actually part of the mainline, unless I misunderstand what you are saying there. I definitely want to add more sidings and industries; I'm going to add a few when I get a chance and re-post. Thanks again for help!

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