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How did my Decapod manage to teleport cross-country to your layout to run, have it's picture taken, and appear back at my place by 4:00?

(lol, or did bachmann make more than one ATSF 2552? ;) )


Pennsy Tuscan Red Blood
How did my Decapod manage to teleport cross-country to your layout to run, have it's picture taken, and appear back at my place by 4:00?

(lol, or did bachmann make more than one ATSF 2552? ;) )

Most likely the later. Otherwise he just solved the shipping cost problem with teleportation.:D

Nice engines GN.
Those are all really great looking locomotives. I am hoping some day that someone does a GN 2-8-8-2 in plastic instead of another CRAPPY UP locomotive. One question though. How long does it take for the train to get all the way up to the suspended bridge? j/k (is this the Arizona train club layout you were talking about & what scale is suspended from the ceiling?)


Ah' afraid the suspention bridge in the background is a separate 'G' scale set up. strickly for display of our circus train :) .
I don't think he means that he doesn't like them...he means EVERY time a model manufacturer comes out with a good steam model, it's either a UP Articulated or a Pennsy K4! :mad: Sure there are some breaks to our frustration, like SP Cabforwards, and those pesky USRA-designed locomotives. Think about it...nearly TEN (10!) companies across the globe make some form of the UP bigboy and challenger...and NONE decide to model either SMALL steam (duh, model wasn't the challenger handling the locals out of anytown usa!! :mad: ) (I do have to give credit to Bachmann for filling in that market where they can ;) ) But still..if you look around, you don't have much to choose from that isn't UP, PRR, or USRA! and the bad thing is you cannot really run UP or PRR on any other railroads..the NP didn't buy the challenger, for instance. The Pennsy K4 didn't really get sold to a shortline (they're some of the largest Pacifics built! :eek: )

That's why he said it Alcomotive. I agree, if you don't model the UP or PRR, or your RR didn't buy any USRA designs you're going to have to buy bra$$! :mad:


Grandson of an ALCO Builder
I gotcha! Didnt quite understand but point is now taken...

Have you looked at IHC lately? They have some good steamers. Solid runners but they may need some added detail but they are coming along....

I have some
my favorite 2-10-2

Thanks for the point and heads up explaination. Hopefully no hard feelings cause it is all good here! thanks!
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Oh, yeah! I was just making a point there, no hard felings at all! :)

I wish there were more steam models out that followed different road's prototypes though, that was my point.

IHC does a good job, and they're quite the bargian!
Their 2-6-0, which is an accurate Model of an SP M-4 is a supurb model for $50.00!

All their locomotives are pretty well-porportioned, and good looking, that ATSF-prototype 2-10-2 is a sight to behold! 8)

I believe their 4-6-4 is a rare Santa Fe protoype, I think the rest are USRA designs.

Quit reading my mind it gives me a headache!

Seriously, I completely agree with your explanation and would like to add that I really do hate UP..j/k I also think there is a void in the market for West Coast accurate steam in small to medium size. (somthing that although not ideal looks good going around a 22" radii curve without 80% of it hanging over the outside rail. I am aware that tooling is expensive but there is a market. I also feel many people don't have massive layouts that need 30 big boys and 30 challengers and 15 F-E-F locomotives. There line could survive with a hand me down SP/NP/GN/AT&SF locomotive.
Soap box over...Who's Next?
I'll step and suggest something!

Hey Model Companies! I have a suggestion: How about a modern, medium sized 4-6-0? The Bachmann one is awesome, but how about modern steam and sand domes?

Three of the Best Canidates I'd say are:
-NP's 4-6-0' the one featured in an MR article 3-5 years ago.
-SP's 4-6-0's were the BACKBONE of all local, and wayfreight service on the SP until the END of steam! They were the Premiere locomotive in the 1900's and pulled passenger trains, and freight.
-CNW's 4-6-0's are striking and very beautiful, not to mention a midwestern favorite that has a running preserved exmple today! :)
-Other good ones might be the SOO lines 4-6-0's and perhaps some Southern US' railroads model for that backwoods shortline feel?

What do you think?

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