Thought I'd say hi to everyone


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I have frequented the "other" forum for abut 16 months, and been registered here for about five or six...can't remember, any event, this is my first post here, and though I would say hi to all my friends and to those who do not yet know me.

I returned to my life-long love of trains just after Christmas in 2004, and have already had to destroy my first layout (not a terrible loss...I guess) due to its being an impediment to a basement finishing project this winter. I am sweating through a second construction, and finding that I don't really enjoy the building part of is a means to an end for me, the end of running steamers along sweeping curves. At the moment, I am trying to get fast track for my Niagara Limited to careen around the mains, but careening is all it will do unless I can get my Code 83 Peco curved #7.5's to meet the rail tops nicely with all that Code 100 that I am using. (sigh)

It is nice to see some familiar "faces", and I hope to have a happy association with the rest of you.
Selector - Welcome to the forum. I think you'll like it here. I'm came from "across the street" also.

About time Crandell!! I've been expecting you.

Welcome to the easy going side of the tracks.

Hey Crandell. Glad to see you here. Best wishes with the new construction. Take it slow, think it thru, turn up the radio and enjoy the whole model RR experience!

I know some of our benchwork took looking at things in a different light for me to get into as well. We learned alot, had fun and the next time it'll be much improved from our past experience.
Welcome to our little corner of the internet! Hope you can post up in the Weekend photo fun also, like I said to all the other new members.
Hi Crandell! Good to see you over here. I logged in a few months ago. I still hang out across the street as howmus but find this is the most common hangout for me. Much nicer over here......

Thank-you, everyone, for your warm greetings. It does seem more civilized here :eek: , so I can see me making the old bench slide.

(breath of fresh air)

Hello there Crandell, glad you found your way back over here! I'm from "across the street" also, but using a different name (my original is in the comment by the avatar). I still hang out on both forums since I have friends on both, but this is my "home" :D

Good luck with the rebuild. It certainly helps a lot when you can visualize the end result while slogging thru the 'grunt' work, eh?