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Steve B

Well i finnaly got round to building kit two of the fortnight it's a steel arch viaduct made by Kibri, it's a european pattern but it will do for my railroad. Most of the major components like the vertical girder support columns come almost built, just a little bit of assembly required, the deck is in six components plus the walkways and end supports, the curved sections are a two piece affair which slot together no problem. the end imitation brick supports are in eight pieces and can be built to suit any height of scenary. To give an idea of it's size that's an HO scale 50ft railbox on top.

just got to paint and weather it and it's done:D


and an underside view

Steve B

Not decided what colour to paint it yet, it will be on my ficticious BN railroad, any idea's or do i just weather it and leave it grey

L&N Castle

Active Member
Hello Steve. Love the bridge.If you decide to weather it,you might try some chalks. Or better yet,some pastel colors.Great work.William.

Steve B

Yes, me to Claudia, there is another Kibri kit that's got 550 bits to knock together, it would be even worse in miNor scale


Fun Lover
It's been about 5 weeks since I've done anything on my layout (and may be a couple more before I get back to it.) Your work is giving me the urge...

But I will say that bridge will look great on your layout. And I too did not comment on the satellite station. That's a lot of progress in the last couple weeks.

Steve B

Cheers chip,
I think Black will be the order of the day as i have loads of matt black spray can's in the box

weathering the brick abutments
William a method i'm going to try for the plastic brickwork is this,,,
if i can remember the process that is, it was on a MR show on TV last year

1. wipe oak colour wood dye over the plastic in a horizontal movement just once or twice

2. at a very steep ange spray a fine mist of matt black aerosol paint over the wood dye.

3. When it's almost dry sprinkle white powder, (pinch some of the wifes) over the tacky surface and then rub it into the motar lines

4. With most of the powder wiped off give it another gentle wipe over with the wood dye once more, just one pass will do and put it to one side to dry out, don't attempt to give it another wipe as it will just drag everything off.

What happens during this process is the wood dye reacts to the stryene and blisters slightly when the paint spray lands on it giving a very old brickwork look, the powder turns into a very old looking motar with moss growing in it making what was grey styrene into brickwork looking over a hundred years old

Please DON'T try this method on a kit untill you have tried it on some scrap styrene, different dye's react in different ways

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