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Wow I'm really having a hard time with this one. I've been making some progress on my route (bench work), and last Saturday I decided to go ahead and order my DCC system. I was set on the Zephyr, and looked online and found it for $150. Fifty-bucks cheaper than I thought I was going to spend. Then I looked at the Super Chief, and saw that at $280, it was only about $80 more than I originally planned on spending, plus a power source.


My layout's a decent size with a upper, and lower shelf - don't worry, there will be a walkway through the yard, and helix area - and I'm sure I will be running more than 1 train a time. The Super EB can run 2 trains at the same time with the same controller. Only drawback is when friends come over, but I don't see myself spending a lot of time play trains with my friends.

The Zephyr is cheap enough to where I can afford another basic controller, but the set itself doesn't have as many bells, and whistles as the SEB, and I'd have to hold 2 controllers to run both trains at once. I haven’t read the SEB’s manual yet, but looking over the data sheet I can see that it has more.

What do you guys think? I'm a beginner, so maybe the Zephyr is easier, but at the same time I wonder if I'm starting too low. Your thoughts welcome…….


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You can set one train running then select another and set it off, then select another etc, I have had 5 running on my old layout with the most basic Lenz controller.



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Ross I had the same dilema about two years ago. I went ahead and got the Super Empire builder. Glad I did although I still have not gotten it installed, to many other projects to get done. Besides DCC still has me a little bit scared although I do not know why. I sent with the Empire Builder because of the extra bells and whistles.

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Hi Ross. My only issue with the SEB is that it has read only programming. When you're programming a decoder, you won't be able to read the current CVs to have a basis for a programming change. With the Zephyr or Super Chief, CVs can be read and written, a huge plus. We had the same decision to make, and while I strongly considered the Zephyr, we went witht the 5 amp Super Chief. In the end, if we'd added throttles to the basic Zephyr system, it just wasn't that much more money. I will say that we've been delighted with the Super Chief and I'd spend the money on one again in a heartbeat. I hope you get the system that suits your tastes. You're on the right track with Digitrax.


I did wonder about the programming issue - thanks grande man.

Ken, I wasn't appreciating that you could get 1 train going, and then switch to another. I know it said in the manual that you could run up to 10 trains, but when it said you had to buy additional throttles to contol more than 1 I thought that might mean the other train(s) would stop. That helps!

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Trackside said:
Alright, I just bought the Zephyr starter set online - $160 shipped. Thanks again guys!

Awesome! :cool:

If you're interested in a handheld throttle, give ebay a try. We got a good deal on LGM's DT300 in an auction. I'd recommend the DT400 though, of the two, it's my fav.

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