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I have finally started my Model RR. Here are some shots..
1. Overview of the layout.
2. Yours Truley working on the Curves
3 and 4. Mom working on the Curves


5 and 6. Roadbed Work
7. Operations Center when done
8. Diesel Track/MOW Base.
Layout not even done yet.


One question, who makes that Gingerbread house on the layout? I feel mighty hungry ;)

Nice start!


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Hey! John, way to go, and pictures too. I noticed the coffee cup on the layout which makes me wonder how long that delicious looking house will last :D
Just noticing that roadbed looks awfully close to the edge, do you plan on extending the wood out a couple more inches?
Keep us posted as you continue, pictures, yeah we like pictures.
Great way to start the new year :D


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CBCNSfan said:
Great way to start the new year :D
Still 24 hours aleft to spenbd in the bacement modeling!

Great layout AmtrakFan. Rails close to the edge is a major problem I'm having. A few trains have derailed and as a result two cars have been out of service for more then a month. Thankfully they're fixible. The other day a locomotive flew off track in a derailment and I caught it with my hands... (true story).

I take lots of precautions though. No train is aloud to stay overnight on the tracks on the edge and thus no spurs/yards are located there, only the mainline that is always left clear and open.


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AmtrakFan, looks like your off to a GREAT start!;):D cant wait to see more progress pics.:D -Dean


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ak-milw said:
Same thought I had, it's looking good except!!!!
LOL!, i know Andy, i know, and agree. just didnt have the heart to mention the track to close to the edges, i think he's got the point by now.;):D -Dean


Hey Amtrk,
If it doesn't work out and you can't move the track you could always cut some strips of 1/8 inch plexiglass and screw it to the edge of the layout to act as a fence. This way you can still see through it! it would only have to be about 3 or 4 inches high.


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I echo the others, IOW, looks great but track is mighty close to the edge. I'm halfway preaching to myself when I say that, because there are some stretches like that on mine too:eek: . [I'm still remembering the horror story a friend of mine told me, about when his pair of P2K SP 'Daylight' E8's took their final nosedive to his basement floor...:eek:] I plan to put some thin plexiglas along those areas like Andy was talking about, with removable sections in places where I plan to snap photos at.

Keep up the good work, post often!


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Hello John,

Thanks for sharing. The progress looks great. So many times I wish I would have made 'progress' shots. I also want to say I think it's cool your mom is involved. My mom used to paint all the figures for me and do the scenery stuff I learned a lot from watching her. It looks as if you are both enjoying what your doing!! Keep up the progress shots and let us know when you drive the "Golden Spike":D :cool:

I would suggest using plexiglass at the edges as the others have mentioned, or maybe a short hardboard sideboard with a skyline (background scenery) painted or printed on it. My small layout is set up the same way yours is, and my track is very close to the edge. If I move it in, the curve radius will be too tight for what I want to run on it. Therefore, I am planning to place a guard of some sort to prevent the trains from falling off, and am thinking about having a background photo or painting on it as suggested above.
Just my $.02!

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