Tempered Masonite and mud?


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I figured out that the first thing I should do on my new layout is build the backdrop first; because I won't be able to reach it after the benchwork starts. I am hanging 4x8 sheets horizontally along my basement walls flush with the ceiling, figuring the railroad will cover the bare bottom 4 feet of the wall from the floor up. I put up 2x2 studs along the cement walls and am using drywall screws to attach the 1/8 inch tempered masonite to the studs. Now to my question. Since I am using drywall screws on the masonite why not got all the way and use drywall mud and tape to seal the joint where two pieces of masonite come together. I don't want to do something that I will regret later. What do you think?
Hi jaynjay, Should be OK, on mine I used the fibreglass tape and the crack filler for plaster, sanded it off can't tell where the seams are. The backdrop is old wood paneling painted blue

Cheers Willis
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