Tank Car Weathering


I really like tank cars. Really. I am trying to upgrade my fleet of tank cars, so when I saw Walthers had these 23,000 gallon tank cars on sale this month, I jumped on it.

What I did.
Replaced the wheels with Proto 2000 metal wheel sets, replaced the couplers with Kadee 58s. Then I oversprayed the entire tank car with diluted SP Lark Dark Grey to get a more faded looking car. Out of the box, the cars are too black. Then I used chalks by dipping a brush in water and then working the chalk into a paste and applying it like paint. This was mostly on the running boards and around the vents. These are the most weathered cars. Others have a lesser amount of rust on them.

Hi Bill, don't know which to complement you on first " the trestle " or the "tank car" so I'll do them both at the same time. Glad you posted your method, great for us newbies.
Nice work on both. Didn't know there were identifying marking on the top of a tank, ( photo #1 ) first time I seen that, learn something new every day.
Cheers Willis
Nice work Bill, taking pics of cars to help my weathering was what got me into cameras.....about 10-12 years ago....(!)

One thing you may notice on tank cars is the "kick-up" or wheel spray on the undersides. It's very difficult to get just right and I've never had much luck with it.

and that trestle is fabulous......I've got this layout that could sure use some of your help.....
Nothing beats great modeling other than taking pictures of it in natural daylight. Two thumbs up from Reno. I sure would like to see more of the trestle and surrounding landscape. Thanks for sharing.