Sunrise Signals

grande man

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Has anyone seen or used these? Sunrise makes some very fine looking signals. They can be had at a discount thru Logic Rail Tech (that's where the pic is from, BTW). A friend of ours just got some and they are really nice! I'm thinking they will be the way we go when we finally get around to signalling.

here's what mine looks like. I can't be sure but I think that's the brand I got (again, from LRT)
I used all Sunrise Enterprises signals on my layout. When compared to Tomar and ISS signals, they are the best.

Has anyone looked at the NJ International signals lately? I heard they were now scale size but I haven't seen any yet.

Ken I have got to come over and see your layout. Oh BTW I've decided to go with an N scale layout instead of HO. Simply because of my space limitations.