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I've been messing with static grass lately and am really happy with the results. I've been aware that you can get jolted from touching the screen while there is power to the unit. How bad can that be? Welllllll. I mistakenly pushed the power button while I was twisting on the top of the unit. Oh mamma....I felt like I was punched. The device flew out of my hand and I let out a howl and a string of very loud expletives. My daughter came running downstairs thinking that something really bad had taken place. Don't, repeat, don't touch the screen.


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Its like those electronic fly swatters ,you whack a fly with it , sparks fly, they drop to ground spin around a few times and then drop dead. A few minutes later they rise from the dead get up and fly off.

You don't know whether your killing them or giving them cardiac resuscitation.

If you felt like you were punched , then its probably more than enough to stop your heart. It doesn't take much ,the current just has to flow across the chest. You really need to take the batteries out and make sure the thing is discharged before you start diddling with it.

This time of year you shouldn't even need one if the air is dry enough.


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I didn't check, but I doubt that the device had the underwriters seal of approval.
If it did , it would be marked UL and have a file number . If it was made in China its almost certain that it doesn't . UL does random factory inspections (expensive) . I am unaware of UL doing any inspections in Chinese factories.

On the other hand I don't know of any reason that it wouldn't pass. Just because it could kill you does not prevent a certification. UL approves hand held power saws , they wont start a fire and wont shock you , but they can cut your arms and legs off in normal operation.

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