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I finally completed my model of Southern Railway 630. I put a bell on the smoke box and a new, more typical southern railway headlight and bracket on the front. The top of the tender will be painted red soon. Hope you enjoy, this finishes out my 154, 4501, 630 triumvirate. Thanks for looking. And if anyone knows where I can find some of the Champ HO Southern Railway freight steam decals please tell me. Thanks!
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Here is my Southern 630. Fully kitbashed an operational, ive got to do some touch ups and some weathering but here it is! I also put a TCS WOW sound in it, best sound decoder in my opinion. 10754818_319251594942844_1261126919_n.jpg
Great looking engine! I see you put the Southern Valve gear on it!!! I want to eventually do that to mine, I saw one on Youtube with Southern Valve gear too (maybe it was yours?) I have painted the top of the tender red since my posts above, and I would love to put a larger Ms Coster style tender on it too!


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Bowser used to have SRR valve gear for their USRA 2-10-2 kits. I don't know what parts they still have.


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That set thats on my 630 is from the Bachmann 2-10-2. I would really like to have a set of valve gear off of the Walthers Proto 2-10-2, it looks so realistic.
So here is the deal. The 630 that you see above has been retired off Knoxville Southern's active roster, she was not able to handle 18" radius turns that I sometimes operate on. So I decided to find a replacement. Using the bell and headlight off the former Southern 630, I bought another and re-decaled it with my new Southern Steam decals I had made. Also I took all the wiring out of the tender and put it in a larger Athearn tender that looks more like her current tender, and re-decaled it. (funny thing the tender she has now is 4501's original tender, which is true to real life too!). I am planning on selling the original 630 and tender, it runs well, and any decals can be fixed or replaced, or added upon request (including division names)

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If you need SRR decals, Microscale has a brand new set of them, including the curved numbers for the headlight bracket.
Thanks CJ, I actually had Highball Graphics make a huge sheet off of the art work I found on Southern Railway Modeling website, which includes every style of lettering, division name, and classification for freight steam. I would like to see the Micro scale ones though, but i couldn't find them on their website, could you provide a link? Thanks

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