Sorry for so many dumb questions...but...

I was wondering if by using DCC to run trains and turnouts if you can pre-program the trains to run certain scenerios so that they can run all by themselves...starting and stopping, changing turnouts, waiting for a few moments and then continuing? :confused:

This would be nice when guests come over to see the layout ... allowing you to talk with them and point out things on the layout and not worrying about operations until you wanted to. :)

I am using the new MRC Prodigy Advance System on my new layout, which is currently under construction.

Thanks for any insite,
hi Bob,

I guess this answers my question i posed to you in the other thread about what you are going to be using for DCC. Be curious to know how it works.

I am not sure about the Prodigy system, but I can't think of any stand alone DCC system that will allow for automatic Starting and stopping. You can however, with additional Stationary decoders, control switches so that a path can be routed for the train to follow. I know that there are some computer systems that help run equipment, but I haven't researched that enough to say what you can or cannot do.

I know there was someone on this forum at one time that did something with a digitrax system. Haven't seem him here for awhile.

Bob a.

Have you tried the ATC software yet? I have been trying to get it installed, but run into problems unless i have an internet connection up and running. :( Since the old laptop I want to use it on will be in an area without any kind of connectivity, that is a problem. :mad:

Not yet. I haven't had the time to download the entire program and burn it onto a CD to install. Like you, I have a PC downstairs that's a stand-alone. The other issue I had is that the program changes every so often, which means another big download.

Maybe over the winter, I'll set up a wireless LAN connection temporarily to that PC to see what it's like.