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Long Winded Old Fart
I'm always putting up signs in my trainroom that I make on my Puter. here are a few. Page#1:D
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Low Budget & Old School
The only signs I have to date is "Boar's Head Tavern", and my Locomotive Assignment chalk board.


Low Budget & Old School


Long Winded Old Fart
A few more I missed the other day.
Wow Jerome, that's a lot of unclaimed RR stuff.:D:D
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Aurora & Portland Owner
Larry, that was all from one place. An old MKT yard in Austin right after the UP bought them out. I was down taking pictures when a couple of the yard guys came over. Obviously knew I was a train fan with the camera and all. They said there was a pile of old RR signs next to an old building if I was interested in that kinda thing. I went and looked and there was a pile 4 feet deep. I asked and they told me I could take what I wanted. The yard was being torn up along with the mainline coming into it. I thanked them and took the ones you see there.


I have some B&O, C&O and Chessie signs, as I base my layout loosely on the B&O and all incarnates. I can "change out" eras that way. Have to find a CSX sign soon.

I also have a D&H sign as those are my and My Other Half's initials, so MOH likes the D&H and I have a good D&H train set to run sometimes.

Then I have the "obligatory": "Keep back from the platform edge, Or you may get sucked off" sign. :D
Found it at the Pennsylvania Rail Road Museum in Strasburg, PA last sumer.I just had to, you know :rolleyes:
It goes great with the "I got Lei'd" Hawaii State License plate I got in Hawaii a few years ago. I walked by it three times in the International Market Place in Waikiki Beach before I went back and bought it- just had to, you know :p

Dollie's Dad

Gandy Dancer
My layout is being built in the sitting room off our master bedroom. The challenge of hanging anything on the wall is twofold: The room is mostly windows with very little wall space, and I'm trying to be considerate of my wife's 'sensibilities' about neatness and clutter. Putting signs on the wall is not an option.

There is one sign, but it's mounted on the layout. I'm a moderator on a photography forum, and my friends there have dubbed me 'Chief.' Accordingly, the sign on the layout is the Chief drumhead, and was a gift from those friends. I'm not a Santa Fe fanboy, but love the coincidence of the name and the personal connection that goes with it.

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I dont have any photos,as im Between a house/BUIlding I dont know where i wanna live so im at the rents, ha ha.

But as far as RR signs I have A few ATSF station signs "real" and a Few Trailer Signs. :)

SE Lineman

"Stay on Track"
I like...

Here's one I saw..." This is the office of a serious railroader(please excuse the occasional daydreaming).
Why buy it, just make it up!:D


Long Winded Old Fart
I make all of my own signs except the metal ones. all of the metal one's were bought many years ago when the price was a lot lower than it is today.
I like the one that says;
"You can't tell which way the train went by looking at the rails."
I look up train & model railroad quotes on the web & then make the signs. I use print Shop#12 & then buy the frames at Dollar Tree.

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