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Professor of HO
After a week of messing with this system, it's still not completely up and running. My signal system is still so flaky, it's really impractical to try to operate with the signal lights on. ESU makes a L.Net converter which is supposed to convert the Digitrax DCC over to the ESU DCC. I thought DCC was DCC but apparently there are various versions of it.
When I plugged my signal boards into the L.Net converter, the first thing I noted was the block detection was going nuts. Blocks were indicating occupancy when there was nothing on the tracks and blocks that did have a loco in it flickered on and off. The signal heads were going nuts as well despite the lack of trains running. Also, turnouts were running themselves closed then opened then back to closed. This is not what my ESU sales guy had promised me. He said all I needed was the L.Net converter and it would all work. He also claimed that he had all that stuff installed and operating about 6 months ago on my layout during an op session and I didn't notice any difference.
I called Frederick, our resident GURU and talked to him about the problems here. He was able to get on line right away and download one of the manuals from ESU. Right away he noted there was another adapter unit that I needed to make the system work. My ESU dealer has at least one of the block detector adapters in stock, but I need to get this layout ready for the next op session on the 14th. Maybe I'll give it another shot after that.
Today, I pulled all the ESU stuff out of the system and started installing my Digitrax back in place. Took a break to go for a walk after I got the command station wired back in. Haven't fired it up yet, want to go back over it all first before applying electricity to it all. After that, I can put the boosters back on line then test the signal system.

D&J RailRoad

Professor of HO
Finished putting all the Digitrax back on line, fired it up and ran trains. All the trains ran as directed, signals illuminated as programmed and the turnouts all ran on command.
Now, to figure out how to get the ESU stuff working right or if I really want to mess with that any more.


BN Modeller
Geez Ken you’re making my Railpro problems seem so simple!
Sorry to hear of your woes but glad you’re getting somewhere!

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